European energy efficient PVC windows in Canada


1 The customer received his products - he receives reliable protection of his home, a guarantee on the contractual use and deliberation.

2 You use our contact information (phone +1 778 549 3141 or email) to inform you about the inconvenience you discovered.

3 Our specialist studies them, communicates with you, identifies the cause and level of the problems identified. Perhaps professional advice will solve your problem if you have detected a condensate or some of the mechanisms do not work because of insufficient instruction of training by our installer. If visible defects of windows or doors or works are found during installation, we ask, if possible, to take a picture to save our time with you to eliminate the disadvantages when leaving for your address.

4 Our team constantly monitors our cooperation with clients and controls it from the moment of contact, which is reflected in the electronic and paper registers (conversations, letters, contracts, warranties, settlement documents, your applications and acts of work performed on workshops or service works).

5 In the coming days, and in urgent situations, during the day, our specialist will visit your home, determine the essence of the problem on the spot and try to solve it or, if necessary, replace the defective parts due to the optimal timing for these works.

6 We apologize for the inconvenience and unnecessary anxiety. We are grateful for your choice, understanding and assistance in optimizing our business in the interests of our customers. And if machines in the manufacture of windows and doors sometimes allow deviations from the established program, and people are inclined to make mistakes - we seek to do business professionally and be a reliable supplier for our customers.

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